Jonathan Hawkins

The Friends provided financial support to Jonathan Hawkins as he sought the final GM norm that he needed to obtain the title in the FIDE Open at the London Chess Classic and in the Masters Tournament at the Hastings Chess Congress.

Jonathan’s pairings and results at the London Chess Classic were as follows:

R1 (1 Dec) W v John S Burke (ENG) 2068 – win
R2 (2 Dec) B v Jonathan Grant (SCO) 2217 – win
R3 (3 Dec) W v Bence Szabo (HUN) 2365 – win
R4 (4 Dec) B v IM Petr Golubka (UKR) 2418 – draw
R5 (5 Dec) W v IM Jovanka Houska (ENG) 2396 – draw
R6 (6 Dec) B v IM Simon Ansell (ENG) 2377 – draw
R7 (7 Dec) W v Toshiyuki Moriuchi (JPN) 2316 – win
R8 (8 Dec) B v FM Peter Roberson (ENG) 2350 – draw
R9 (9 Dec) W v IM Mark Ferguson (ENG) 2402 – draw

A very respectable performance to finish unbeaten with 6½/9, but Jonathan somehow managed to go through the whole event without being paired against any of the 11 participating GMs.

On to the Hastings Masters, where Jonathan was paired with three GMs in the first 8 rounds, and achieved a score of 7/10 to finish equal second behind Gawain Jones, but again fell short of a norm.  Surely it can only be a matter of time!

R1 (28 Dec) W v Paul Talsma (NED) 2229 – win
R2 (29 Dec) B v WGM Xiaobing Gu (CHI) 2209 – win
R3 (30 Dec) W v IM Gudmundur Kjartansson (ISL) 2204 – draw
R4 (31 Dec) B v GM Sarunas Sulskis (LTU) 2550 – loss
R5 (1 Jan) W v FM Boris Furman (RUS) 2227 – win
R6 (2 Jan) B v Ezra Kirk (ENG) 2254 – win
R7 (3 Jan) W v GM Andrey Sumets (UKR) 2638 – draw
R8 (4 Jan) B v GM Andrey Vovk (UKR) 2567 – draw
R9 (5 Jan) W v Johannes Laungetep Kvisla (NOR) 2158 – win
R10 (6 Jan) B v IM Rui Gao (CHI) – draw


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