3rd Big Slick International, 22-30 June 2013

The Friends have provided a grant to support the 3rd Big Slick International event which Lawrence Cooper and Simon Williams are organising at Big Slick, Unit 10, Royal Oak Centre, Brighton Road, Purley, Surrey CR8 2BQ between 22 and 30 June.  There will be two separate 10 player nine round  events with one game a day, with one event offering GM norms and the other IM norms.

The players in the GM norm event are:

  • GM Gormally, Danny 2496
  • GM Lalic, Bogdan (Croatia) 2489
  • GM Arkell, Keith 2444
  • IM Zhou, Yang-Fan 2469
  • IM Trent, Lawrence 2420
  • IM Panjwani, Raja (Canada) 2409
  • WGM Nemcova, Katerina (USA) 2382
  • FM Radovanovic, Jovica (Serbia) 2360
  • FM Franklin, Sam 2357
  • Alex Longson 2279

The players in the IM norm event are:

  • IM Sarakauskas, Gediminas (Lithuania) 2404
  • IM Rudd, Jack 2280
  • IM Meszaros, Gyula (Hungary) 2255
  • FM Lyell, Mark 2238
  • Merry, Alan 2237
  • FM House, Glenn 2211
  • Bates, Caspar 2205
  • WIM Olsarova, Tereza (Czech Rep) 2203
  • FM Jaap Vogel (Netherlands) 2202
  • McClement, Andrew (Scotland) 2169

Full event details can be found here.


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